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May 2017
May 2017

There are several ways that you can get involved in the adventure and help the causes that we’ll be running ourselves ragged to support.

Join In

If you fancy running a day or two (or even part of a day) with us, then we’d love to have your support.

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Chase the Chasers

We will be training our butts off to get fit for this enormous challenge, running long distances while also getting really strong for the hills. 'Chase The Chasers' is your opportunity to keep us motivated and engage in a little friendly competition for a good cause.

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My May Challenge

While we know there’ll be heaps of long-distance support for us while we’re chasing that pesky fire-breathing mythical creature around Wales, we’re also aware that many people who may have liked to join us on the trail, and help with our fundraising, won’t be able to.

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We will be raising funds for mental health charities on both sides of the world: the Mental Health Foundation in New Zealand and Mind in the UK.

Follow our preparations & the challenge:
Get involved and help us support these great charities:
Mind for better Mental Health Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand
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