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1700KM around Wales on foot

May 2017
May 2017


We are both dream chasers, and 'Chasing the Dragon' is a project we dreamed up
on the spur of the moment during a long, cold mountain run back in May 2015.

We both love running in wild places and use our time in the outdoors as a crucial foil to the stresses of our day-to-day lives. Doing what many would consider mad is actually what keeps us sane. We aim to use our passion for adventure to help others see the benefits of being active in the Great Outdoors.

We called this project 'Chasing The Dragon' partly in deference to the national symbol of Wales but also because depression and other mental disorders can be characterised as a fire-breathing dragon. Our hope is that by inspiring others we can help them chase that dragon away.

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Our Charities

We will be raising funds for mental health charities on both sides of the world: the Mental Health Foundation in New Zealand and Mind in the UK.

Mal and James

Our friendship is one based on the shared love of trail running, mountains and Pinot Noir! We love nothing more than dreaming up big missions and spending long hours on our feet in wild places. And if by following our yearning for adventure we can do a little good in the wider world then so much the better.

Chasing The Dragon will take us way out of our comfort zone. It will push us to, and maybe even beyond, the very brink of our physical and mental capabilities. But it's on the outer edge of these limits that we thrive and, more than at any other time, really feel alive!

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James harcombe and Mal Law
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